all day menu 



zucchini & halloumi fritters

óra king smoked salmon, corn puree, carrot, ricotta & lemon zesty dressing



barley porridge

rhubarb, coconut, citrus, pistachio, earl grey figs & red wine poached pear


L&B Lox

NYC bagel, ora king smoked salmon, pickled fennel salad, cream cheese, capers & a latke        




better than sex chilli & coriander ramen with an egg, nori & mushrooms                          

with full blood wagyu beef  or free range chicken



Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower Salad  $

nuts, seeds, beets hummus, pickled veges, coriander & citrus dressing   




*add chicken + $6


smashed avocado on iggy’s toast with feta, mint & tomato salad    


ADD  POACHED EGG     +$ 3      

b & e roll

                    two eggs, crispy bacon, caramelised onion, swiss cheese, kale slaw & espresso bbq sauce                                                                   





                  mayura station full blood wagyu steak onion jam, cheese, radicchio, tomato with house pickles & aioli                                                                                   




15 hr braised lamb, cous cous, zucchini, cranberries, hazelnuts, baba ganoush, chimichurri, yogurt              



polish hangover cure 

fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sautéed tomatoes, polish sausage crumbs, red currants & iggy’s sourdough toast


2 poached free range eggs on sourdough