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Barley Porridge   $20

rhubarb, coconut, citrus, pistachio, earl grey figs & red wine poached pear

Polish Hang Over Cure $25

fluffy scram eggs, crispy bacon, sautéed tomatoes, polish sausage crumbs, red currants & Iggy's sourdough toast​

Free Range Chicken Katsu Wrap   $18.5

kimchi slaw, yuzu sesame seeds, wasabi mayo

L&B Lox   $24

NYC Bagel, ora king salmon, cream cheese, pickled fennel, capers & latke's

B & E Roll  $16

crispy bacon, caramelised onion, swiss cheese topped with 2 fried eggs, kale slaw & espresso bbq sauce on a toasted panini

( add avocado $3 )

Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cakes  $20

maple whipped cream, slow cooked apple, L&B honeycomb, seasonal berries

Mayura Station Full Blood Wagyu Steak Sandwich  $22

onion jam, cheese, radicchio, tomato with house pickles, aioli

Smashed Avocado  $19

on iggy’s sourdough toast with marinated feta, mint & fresh tomato salad

( add poached egg  $3 )



Better Than Sex Ramen  $20

soy infused egg, nori, sautéed wild mushrooms, choice of wagyu beef or chicken

( add fresh chilli & sambal  $1 )



Buffalo Bowl  $23

miso wilted greens, turmeric cauliflower, poached egg, seed brittle, pumpkin puree

( add free range chicken  $8.5 )

15 Hour Braised Lamb   $24

cous cous, zucchini, hazelnuts, baba ganoush, chimichurri, yoghurt



2 Poached Free Range Eggs  $14

on iggy's sourdough toast