coffee by single o – serving rwanda

white $4 / $4.5

black, $4 / $4.5

cold brew  – classic  $4.5

cold brew  – spritzer with lemon $4.5

soy / almond milk / extra shot / decaf .5

hot chocolate $4 / $5

buffogato: ice cream, coffee and caramel biscuit $7.5

iced coffee with ice cream and espresso vanilla ice $7.5

buffaccino $2

unicorn milk with fairy magic dust $2.5

flowering (awesome) tea $7.5

black tea, rose and camellia lemon

green tea, jasmine, peach, red lily

green tea, camellia flower, strawberry, raspberry

peppermint green tea, globe amaranth jasmine

white tea, chrysanthemum and osmanthus

loose leaf tea $4.8

english breakfast long leaf

earl grey

jasmine green

fairytale: osmanthus, safflower & jasmine flower

chamomile violet

lemon grass ginger goji berry 



loose leaf chai tea  $6.5


nourishing dragon smoothie: organic pitaya, coco water, fruits & love $9.5

house sparkling lemonade or sparkling yuzu  $8

fresh juice: apple, cucumber & mint $8

milk shake: vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry or mocca $5 / $8

sparkling water, chilled and house made, complimentary