all day menu

organic bread by iggy's

award winning mayura station full blood wagyu

fresh wasabi grated to order

ora king salmon 

pepe saya cultured butter

everything made with love 




zucchini fritters with ora king smoked salmon, corn puree, ricotta & lemon emulsion dressing  $19.5  


roasted juicy duck breast with a smoky orange glaze, pickled carrot & sprouts, slaw, glass noodles with a chili lime dressing (g/f).  $24


iggy’s sourdough toast with butter, jam, marmalade, vegemite or nutella $7.5


apple cinnamon hotcake, fruits, nuts, yuzu curd, double cream & finger lime $19.5      


mayura station full blood wagyu beef strips with fresh grated wasabi, mashed kipfler  & seedy salad with yuzu dressing (G/F) $28.5

buffalo bowl a poached egg, warm edamame, beans, ginger organic quinoa, pistachios, hummus with house sauerkraut, pickled eggplant & beets $21.5 add chicken +$6


trust us you will love it omelette* yuzu-infused eggs, ora king smoked salmon, shiitake, shallots, zucchini salad, iggy’s toast (*no modifications) $20 add wasabi butter +$3


ora king smoked salmon, house labne, pickled fennel, salmon roe & toast $21.5 add poached egg +$3


warm free range chicken, egg, coriander & sambal, designed by and for chilli lovers (G/F) $18.5


better than sex chilli & coriander ramen with an egg, nori & mushrooms $20

with your choice of: free range chicken or nz ora king salmon or full blood wagyu beef


roasted turmeric cauliflower salad with halloumi, tahini, nuts, seeds, sweet potato puree & spicy citrus parsley dressing (G/F, D/F and vegan options available) $21.5


smashed avocado on iggy’s toast with feta, mint & tomato salad  $18  add poached egg +$3 


grilled mango & free range chicken salad, fluffy quinoa, veggies & grain mustard dressing (G/F, D/F)    $23.5


b & e roll, two eggs, crispy bacon, caramelised onion, swiss cheese, kale slaw & espresso bbq sauce $15 add avocado +$3

mayura station full blood wagyu steak sandwich, onion jam, cheese, radicchio, tomato 

with house pickles & aioli $21                                                                                


miso glazed ora king salmon, spiced coconut cauliflower rice, kipfler & edamame puree with an orange, snake bean, yuzu & beets salad and a sprinkling of iggy’s breadcrumbs $29.5

15 hr braised lamb, cous cous, zucchini, cranberries, hazelnuts, baba ganoush, chimichurri, yogurt  $22.5                


2 poached free range eggs on sourdough (opt. tomato relish) $12.9

thai wagyu beef salad wrap, chili, coriander, thai basil, cucumber, pomegranate & lemongrass dressing  $16.50

chia, black rice & bircher muesli with house yuzu panna cotta & jelly, honey & fruits $18.50

sides: fresh chilli $1.5 / tomato relish $3 / poached egg $3 / tomato & parsley salad $5 / halloumi $5 / hummus $5 /miso shiitake $5 / avocado $5 / crispy bacon $6 / wasabi $6 / polish sausage $6 / fairy dust $0 / free range chicken $6 / iggy’s sourdough $6 / nonie’s gluten free bread $7 / ora king smoked salmon $7.5

coffee by single o – serving Uganda

white $4 / $4.5

black, $4 / $4.5

cold brew  – classic  $4.5

cold brew  – spritzer with lemon $4.5

soy / almond milk / extra shot / decaf .5

hot chocolate $4 / $5

buffogato: ice cream, coffee and caramel biscuit $8

iced coffee with ice cream and espresso vanilla ice $8

buffaccino $2

unicorn milk with fairy magic dust $2.5

flowering (awesome) tea $7.5

black tea, rose and camellia lemon

green tea, jasmine, peach, red lily

green tea, camellia flower, strawberry, raspberry

peppermint green tea, globe amaranth jasmine

white tea, chrysanthemum and osmanthus

loose leaf tea $4.8

english breakfast long leaf

earl grey

jasmine green

fairytale: osmanthus, safflower & jasmine flower

chamomile violet

lemon grass ginger goji berry 



loose leaf chai tea  $6.5